PlayStation Plus Price Increase



If you haven’t already heard, Sony will be increasing the price of a PlayStation Plus sub by a few dollars on September 22, 2016 (for those that would rather hear or watch, I’ve got a video outlining below):

While Mom always told me not to eat my dessert before dinner (I talk about this point in the vid above), I’ll share with you a hot tip to save yourself a few bucks before the price goes up - PlayStation Plus sub cards are stackable! I just picked up two myself and have my sub setup through to July of 2019. So go click that Amazon link up above, find yourself a couple cards, and profit!


What? I had not heard that. How…


With their conference coming up soon, I bet they don’t want to draw too much attention to it and have people get internet mad, even though they’ve never upped the price since the service released many years ago. There’s enough time after the conference for them to push the word out more publicly for those that didn’t hear about it at some other point. It’s possible they might offer some words about it towards the end of the conference as well?


I’m not going to be canceling my PS Plus account anyway…


I’m sure anyone who complains about this will claim they’re gonna cancel their account, but never follow through on it. Such is the Internet’s way, lest we forget #nopreorder2015 XD

So about ending all your comments like this… :wink:


While I completely understand that people might think twice about having an XBL & PS+ sub with an additional $10 in the mix, how many of those who do try and follow through on cancelling will celebrate with a frappucino or two?

But I get it… the internet is built on salt mines.


Hey, thanks for the heads up. I was on the fence about it because I wasn’t sure about playing Destiny in between now and the big Rise of Iron update, but I just bit the bullet and got the full year for the reduced price. Thanks again.


You’re welcome! And glad you saved yourself a few bucks.