Please Join on Bungie for Clan Banner

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@tommy2118 Provided a great guide to joining the Destiny Clan. This will allow everyone to have the banner and get achievements like this one. This last option of setting clan was locked before release and requires further attention if not taken already.

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Something to consider.

I believe the clan size per platform is only 75 for a total of 150.
75 for Xbox, 75 for Playstation includes current and last gen. Not sure if we’ve maxed out for Playstation already. You can have as many followers of a clan as you like though.

We are getting close, but only seventy five people in total have joined.

Ok it looks like79 people total, so I was assuming 75 ps4 and 4 xboxone.

Lol you might be right. We might need to create strats alpha

wow 75 is small. but yeah the more that have that banner the better. it makes it a lot easier to see who’s from strats when looking for someone to play with.

Tried to do this and it won’t let me log in to Bungie at the moment. I will try again tomorrow.

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@Quentin_Wares you already are a member
You have ‘strats’ under your name on your banner. :smile:

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I’m going to blame being sick and not having the ability to think clearly for this horrible error.

Fair enough😁

Bumping for new people who aren’t repping Strats and getting those sweet ultra rare clan-specific trophies.