Please keep my Brother in your thoughts/prayers


My brother was admitted to the hospital today with septic shock. he was lethargic and weak with a temp of 103. he is on anti biotics and dualadid and steroids. they had to put in a central line in his neck because his blood pressure was too low. they think he has a blood clot somewhere and are doing tests to find it. Please say a prayer for him or send good vibes…Thanks


Sorry to hear about this @Droul, I hope everything goes well and he pulls through.


Sorry to hear droul. Praying everything goes well and he will be ok.


prayers his way, sorry man


Thoughts and prayers.


Sorry to hear that man. Let us know what the results are and how he is doing. He is gonna pull through.


Sorry to hear that sending prayers his way.


lets hope they gave him anti blood clot meds to prevent any further damage! i hope he is alright, sorry this is like 6 days late!