Pokemon-a-sometimes Sketch-a-thon!



#Pokemon Sketches!

@W1thl0v3 and I are doing a Pokemon sketch challenge. One Pokemon a day, in order of National Pokedex number!

Be nice, I don’t draw often, and @W1thl0v3 is gonna have MUCH better drawings than me. :smiley:

Anyone else who wants to join in feel free!


#001 Bulbasaur




Sorry it took so long. I’m so not happy with this linework or coloring, but it was fast lol. Lol anyways I’m gonna give this a go, but I plan on varying in styles and what not. Here’s 001


I like your clumsy Bulbasaur


How did you color this guy?


I use a Wacom tablet and photoshop. :slight_smile:




Lol nope I do a sketch layer then a line work layer and the color below that. I can show ya my process! I just feel like photoshop looks cleaner and I can’t do what I want as well with traditional art. Though for my bigger pieces I sketch on paper and scan it in and build from there.

Here’s a current work in progress. A lot more to do.



Those glass effects look AWESOME though.
You don’t want to see my art :pensive:


Yeah so this is supposed to be one of my conceptual pieces for my senior seminar based on the 911 carrera but his wheels and his little butt need some serious help.

You should join the Pokemon a day sketchy ma bob!


I could definitely tell what car it was. So that’s good. :smile:

I’m sure it will turn out great! Especially if the rest turns out anything like that side mirror and headlights. At first glance they look real.


I’m not a huge fan of Pokemon, I will say I liked the entire pokemon indigo series the first 5-6 times my son watched it… If I get some time later I’ll put some color/shading, which one is next?


going by national dex, next is #2, ivysaur!


#002 Ivysaur

This took forever…


You guys are all awesome! I’m still processing it all. Great thread.


I’ll color and shade him in a bit. Here’s 002

EDIT: Colored version


I keep hitting like but it only adds one…


I draw heavily from reference so when I have multiple tabs open, this happens… Ivyshy. Forgot the weird scaly spot things, oh well


Gotta color this guy after I get home tonight. But here’s 003