Pokemon Abroad OR/Y


Can anybody help me out? I brought my 3DS with me but can’t figure out how to add friends or even figure out what my friend code is :confounded: I’d like to start exploring the friend safaris a bit but am so super stumped. Any help would be awesome, thanks in advance.

Pic for u


NVM figured it out, sorry guys


were you trying to catch that kitteh? He looks like he might be a tough catch. Maybe try a super ball!


Here is my info if you want to add me: Joseph 5172-1933-3142. I haven’t played in a while though. It’d be fun to battle sometime if you’d like! Also my safari has the following: Tangela, Sawsbuck, Gogoat.:smiley:


3ds friends


Was posting it for Wheatception, but I’ll go necro that thread too! Tis for a good cause!


i know, i was letting him (and you) know there was other people to be friends with :3


Maybe instead of buying more stuff on trove I should get a 3ds.


Sorry Kitty!

Also you def should biggles!