Pokémon celebrates its 20th anniversary with a New Nintendo 3DS bundle this February



Happy Pokémon 20th Anniversary!

Celebrate with a limited edition Pokémon New 3DS bundle!

Comes with New 3DS, both backplates, and both Red and Blue eShop releases pre-installed!

Yes please! I already have a n3ds and I will buy this just for nostalgia sake. Nintendo really knows how to pull on my heart strings.

A Year of Mythical Pokémon Distribution Events!

And if that was not enough. Starting February, we’re getting monthly distribution events for extremely rare pokemon.

Plus more!

  • Digital remasters of the original Pokémon movies
  • Generations TCG series expansion
  • Plenty of New Pokémon 20th Anniversary items on pokemoncenter.com


There is no price listed yet but I am guessing 220$-ish and… I want it but I dunno if I can justify that right now Q_Q


I’m-a justify the shit out of it, so don’t worry :wink:


“It’s got original Pokémon art on it, justified!”


Exactly :wink:



strats forums wont let me just sigh exasperatedly at you so I have to add that the strats forum wont let me sigh exasperatedly at you so that i can sigh exasperatedly at you
is this good enough now forums? did I type enough?



You’ll thank me later <3