Pokemon Exchange Station


Hey Pokemon fans! We need a trading hub for Pokemon people need or want to giveaway. This is it.

-More to come-

Starting this because I want to start filling out my living dex. Got everything organized and now I need to fill in all the gaps. Can’t wait!


When will we get trading?


Whenever you want! Just make a reply about something you’re looking for!


both of yall have similar colors in your picture and names start with S, at first I thought Sennish was talking to himself… really only funny to me and didn’t need to be shared but whatever


I assume that they are assuming you are meaning Poke Mongo, sennish.

If you mean for Pokemon Go, I don’t think they have leveled out a date for trading, with the rampant botting and spoofing I think it isn’t going to be for a while.


Down for this, too!


Sorry if I was not clear. This is for main series games.