Pokemon Go WH_T (WIP)


So I’ve been working on this thing for Pokemon Go. Calling it “WH_T” as in “What hurts ________ type?”

It is a javascript webapp being built into an Android (and Windows Phone?) app for quickly figuring what types are effective against any type combination and what types would your two moves be good against.
Hopefully, you can access that link from your phone. Not sure if PhoneGap has a limit to how often that link can be used or what.

Not awaken enough to go dig that info up.

Primary goal is mostly exposure since I want a new job so I don’t intend to charge money for it ever. Some smart guy once told me that seeing project delivery is a pretty important selling point. Though I might consider doing is a “donate me pokecoins (paypal)” in the app description since I keep blowing through all my pokeballs… might be a faux pas.

Anyway, this slightly less than two days of work so there are still a bunch of other features that I want to add but I wanted get something minimally functioning first.

General feedback that I’m looking for at the moment:

  1. Is the UI intuitive?
  2. How the look and feel overall? Does it feel cheap or is anything hard to read?
  3. If something looks messed up, what phone/OS are you using?

I also have some specific questions that I am concerned about:

  1. Looks like with an iOS signing key, I could also make this into an iOS app. Looks like those are about $100. Worth it to get it for this one free app?

  2. Does iOS even do free apps? Not sure with that platform culture at all.

  3. Can I legally even publish an app and get it on any of the platform stores?
    I’m using the free user for PhoneGap Build, vueJS framework (MIT license), and some data pulled on single basis from the pokeAPI (don’t see any license/restrictions anywhere).
    Will probably also need pokemon images from Bulbapedia eventually but that looks mostly like people ripping Nintendo assets under “fair use”.

  4. What can I do brand wise? Calling it “Pokemon Go WH_T” would probably make it easier to find initially, but I have a feeling Nintendo would mind.
    What about “PKM WH_T”? Does that look stupid?

Anyway, any feedback or some definitive answers would help me out. Especially if you have experience with anything similar.


Great idea. My Android phone is at home so I’ll have to wait to check out the app itself (I’m at the office).

If you plan on making more apps or monetizing this one somehow, it’s worth it.

Yes, free apps are a huge part of the App Store. Something like this would benefit most from an ad strategy. Something like Facebook Audience Network or Google Admob. Keep the app free and make some maintenance revenue.

Whenever you’re using a 3rd party API you are beholden to their terms. They can shut you down whenever they feel like it. Even if you’re following their terms of service. You never know if they’re going to decide to change the API in a way that prevents your app from working and that’s within their right (unless you’re paying for some kind of enterprise API access to something, most commonly for mapping tech).

However, as long as the app is not named anything that includes a Nintendo trademark, you should be ok. At least, that’s what I’ve noticed in the market.

Creating was is essentially a strategy guide about the product is fair use by everything that I’ve seen. It’s like creating a how-to book for Windows 10.

As I said in the pervious answer, I would probably seer clear of putting “Pokemon” in the name of the app itself. You’ll have to rely on 3rd party marketing (outside the app store) for the most part. I think putting “Pokemon” in the description is probably ok though.


So is this like an app with data that will help you figure out which Pokemon to put again other Pokemon for best results in battle? I too am at work with what seems like a cell signal jammer…lol or its just an IRON CASKET…I get no reception but will def download this when I get home…


Yes, exactly.

The type of the move and the type(s) of the target pokemon determine whether a move will be super effective, normal effectiveness, not very effective, or no effect. The relationship between the types isn’t always very clear.

For example, steel moves are not effective against poison pokemon. Why? No clue. But that’s just how the game works.


Awesome…I was looking at some of that on the inter-webs…thinking that someone has to have an app or something I could download explaining these things…My fiance plays as well…so she will DL as well…