Pokemon Living Dex


Setting a goal to complete a living dex of all released pokemon before Sun and Moon come out at the end of the year. Right now I am painstakingly organizing one of each of pokemon by national number and leaving blanks to fill in afterward. Only finished one box so far and I can tell it’s going to be grueling work. Wish me luck.


I’m surprised they don’t make working pokedex devices, maybe not ones that take a picture and visually recognize it, but at least one that has all the information and speaks it out… or maybe they do and I just haven’t found them on the internets


So do the PKMN need to be stored in their national order in the boxes for a living dex? Or can I keep em’ sorted by type.


I’ve always seen it ordered by number. Easier to keep track and prove you made a living dex.


Good to know, thank you much!