Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire



All these game releases are being discussed, there’s been no talk of a massive release coming on 28 November. Don’t you want to be the best…


If you’re not hyped, I’m confused. What did you spend your --childhood-- young adulthood doing if not putting your (legally permitted) fighting animals in tiny balls and hauling them around your prefecture to battle other (legally sanctioned) trainers or tossing them into a computer to be forgotten about for forever?! Doing it wrong, I suspect :wink:

The questions at this juncture are simple:

  • Who else has a 3DS (AKA: Pokemon machine)?
  • Which are you getting?
  • What is your friend code? (PLEASE TRADE WITH ME!)

If you’re interested in catching them all or showing people how it’s done in the arena, drop your 3DS Friend Code in the exchange thread; see y’all in Hoenn :wink:

Official Strats 3DS Friend Code Listing

… . I have a 3ds. I bought just for the last pokemon…
No money for new game though.


I’m pretty sure @wxqie has a 3DS as well!


You can still trade and battle; this is another Gen 6 title :wink:


That works. Idk my stuff though…


I’m excited for ORAS also. I didn’t play the original (R/S) versions, but I think that Gen 6 is the best of the franchise.

Also, i’m totally not into competitive battling or anything either.


I’m gonna pick it up for sure. Im studying for GMAT test at end of December though so I won’t have time to invest until Jan. Love competitive battling (and encourage everyone to give it a shot), but it takes sooooooo much time to make a good team.


Breeding Dittos are best Dittos :wink:


I’ve been playing Poke’mon since Red when I had a GameBoy Brick…and I still don’t understand EV Training and Breeding. I’ll just go cry in a corner now :wink:


I haven’t really been doing it either. It was only when my college roommate showed me about competitive battling with a pokemon simulator online that I was learning about that kind of stuff. That was in the HeartGold/SoulSilver era. I always say I will make a competitive team, but I end up losing interest because it takes a significant amount of time to make a good team.

One thing I like about Gen 6, however, is that they really streamlined the breeding and EV training process with some of their item tweaks and minigames they added. (I still haven’t made a legitimate team though…) If anything, it has taught me to be a better player in the single player campaign.


Gen 6 really made competitive Pokemon accessible to a larger pool of players thanks to the mini-games and ability to reset EV’s as well as the Ditto friend safari (assuming you could find one). I managed to snag one thanks to r/friendsafari and spent a week catching a breeding team. Definitely made several 5 and 6 IV Pokemon after that :wink:


Bump. Anyone wanna 6v6 me soon? I just got back into playing this.


Are we doing this? I will get a team together asap. For now, all I can do is pokémon showdown.


Yeah I only have Omega Ruby now.

3DS name: JCos

Friend code: 2895-8067-6649

Add me


For sure, I just need to get a 3DS, my old on broke. PKM showdown is online though.


This is pretty legit. Nice not having to breed for hours to make a team. Not quite as magical as wifi battling though. Do you have a profile?


Yes, Soap and Lasers

You’re right about the magic though. ;-;