Pokemon Rumble World and Pokemon Shuffle



In case you guys and gals haven’t heard Nintendo released two free Pokemon games on the EShop based offed two previous Pokemon spin off games Pokemon Shuffle which is based off the Pokemon Trozei and Pokemon Rumble World which is the continuation of the Pokemon Rumble Series.

First off both games are setup like your basic free-to-play app game but for your 3DS. When I first downloaded the games I was expecting the worst assuming they would be like your basic pay to win games and just a cheap money grab. But to my surprise both games are setup very well and the only thing paying for extra currency will get you is it allow you to control the flow of the game which allows you to play when you want and for how long you want but it requires skill to do well in the game and paying won’t give unskilled players s step-up. Below I’ll give a more in depth look at each game.(Sorry if my explanations suck)

Pokemon Shuffle
Pokemon Shuffle operates a lot like its predecessor Pokemon Trozei in which the point of the game is to make matches by moving your tile which represent different Pokemon which will do a varying set of damage to the pokemon your battling depending on its “level” and typing. If you defeat the Pokemon your “battling” you then get a chance to then try a catch and add it to your roster of caught Pokemons. Catching different Pokemons gives you not only new possible typing to be super effective against different types but they have also different abilities that can help your chance of beating different Pokemons in less turns. The new gameplay feature they added in the ability for certain Pokemons to further evolve in to their mega form which have special clearing abilities to making easy to get a lot of points meaning more damage to the opponent but to get this one must fill a bar by making matches using that specific Pokemon that can mega-evolve. The game also features a special mode in which allows you to do special events to catch legendary Pokemons and compete for coveted mega stones and an expert mode in which your given a set time to make rapid matches as fast as possible and beating them gives you a chance to get extremely powerful Pokemons. The extra currency this game operates around are jewels that allow you to buy more gold to buy power-ups on level in case your having trouble with that level and hearts allowing you to play more. The game actually gives a decent amount of gold for power-ups and jewels periodically as well, but in tries it gives you 5 hearts which equate to 5 tries and you gain a heart every 30 minutes.

Pokemon Rumble World
For those who don’t know the Rumble series it kinda works a bit like a dumb-downed Diablo and for those who don’t know what Diablo is think overhead action RPG. The game works around all the Pokemon being “toys” and the King decides well I suck at getting these thing you do if for me and luckily your just the person for the job. The game works by taking a hot-air balloons to different areas in which their are 3-4 different areas filled with different Pokemon and then you move that Pokemon through the level fighting off different hordes of Pokemon which drop coins to a boss of the area which on defeat wins the level. Coins operate as the game currency as you can then use those coins to buy permanent power-up that make your Pokemon faster, stronger, hardier as well as unlock item to personalize your profile. Also as you battle these hordes sometimes on defeat they may leave a figurine of themselves on picking up gives you that Pokemon to possibly play as, this also applies to the bosses. As you collect these figurines they will vary even from the same Pokemon as they have different moves, power-levels, and abilities if present at all. The game has a sort of Story in which the King will request you to do task which give you jewels (which I will talk about later) just keep in mind it involves your Mii and aim for young kids so expect the cheesiest of stories. Jewels are the games extra currency as its used to buy more hot-air balloons to go to more areas as well as unlock different "special power-up and content to personalize your profile. These jewels can be bought but many items require you to be a certain level which requires not only for you to fight and capture several Pokemons as the more different ones you have the higher your level which keeps the game from being Pay-to-win.

Overall both games are yes cheesy at times, easy to see the way they operate as an app, made for young kids, but I can’t put them down they’re dumb generic app games with a Pokemon skin but they’re so dumb and I got a decent way in and I haven’t even spent a dime on them to get there and don’t expect to be required any time soon. So for those looking for a new app game instead of downloading it on your phone may I suggest downloading one of these on your 3DS you might have some fun.

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Thanks for the write up @Freshie44! As someone who has no idea about what these games are, you gave me a clearer understanding on what to expect. Maybe Nintendo’s free to play concept won’t be as bad as some. Would you plan on streaming these titles?


Thanks for writing this, @Freshie44! I had no idea. Great post. :smile:


Do you have a 3DS capture card to use to stream off of? JK. But hopefully their concept will come out with some new titles that will also be good similar to these games.


Oh duh! What a stupid question. Getting a capture card in the 3ds is a pain in the ass.


@Nubhugs and @simplyundrea for the compliments glad I could point out a pretty good free game


This is fantastic. Can’t say no to free stuff. I’ll be sure to pick these up soon. Thank you for the heads up!


I added you! <3


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