Pokemon Sun/Moon Starters Revealed


At work. Will add more later.




My body is ready.


KITTEH U SHALL BE MINE :kissing_cat: :sistas:


Can’t wait for this to release, it looks so good. Wonder if the seal pup looks any better once it evolves lol


I’m between the owl and the sea lion.


Sure! I’ll be yours any day >:3 Also I totally already claimed the kitteh starter :stuck_out_tongue:


Owl on the Moon title and Khitay on the Sunday title.
I’m glad they are bringing back character appearance customization, I really hope they bring back the mechanics from HG and SS where the first PKMN in your party could follow you around.


Yes! I love having a little pokemon friend xD


I think I’m the only one that hates the HG/SS Pokemon follow mechanic. I’ll be starting not seal (undecided beyond that).


So much hate on the sea lion. Poor guy.


I mean, he blows his nose on the kitteh in his introduction; shit’s nasty :wink:


Screenshot shows that trainers will be visible in the background of battles. This is a pretty cool addition IMO. Especially with character customization coming back.


Agreed! I wonder if it will be partially 3D, all 3D, or no 3D this time.