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I link @ducksauce88 stuff from this place all the time in #nsfw and now I’m sharing it here.

If you want the most up to date back and fourth skip to the last page, don’t even bother trying to read the 10,000 pages of posts LOL.


Lol wow, that thread started in 2012


Need moar 'Murican politics and fake news!


they have a thread for you too:


Just FYI… I live it everyday and don’t need to read about it. Many many stuff never makes the news. Example: Here more people dies than if there was a war somewhere else. 750 Death just for February… Oh and thats just in 1, one, uno, ein City.

We currently have the lowest montly salary… We numba one! $21,47 USD, thats per month.

Damn, gotta love them comments

‘I don’t want problems’ with Trump, says Venezuela’s Maduro


The redacted… lol


LoL never said that place was strats friendly.

Even the politics thread I scroll thru to a date time and maybe read there and by the time I’m done with 1 post or a couple small ones the thread has moved 2-3 pages.


Oh i know, i never meant to mean something like F OFF haha…


They need to add how redacted sing english songs:

Linking Park:

System of a Down:

There is more! Funny

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Socialism works! Don’t listen to Venezuela! It’s fake news! Socialism ALWAYS works…when you talk about it in theory. In reality it never works. But yet here we are, where people want it and consider it THE ONLY way. I can’t believe how many people even wanted to vote for sanders. lol. Look where that fraud is now, a sell out and vacationing in his $600k vacation house.


In other news, lets leave the racial slurs on other sites, ironic quoting included.


So it begins…