Poll: Animated GIF Avatars?


Should we allow animated gif avatars?

  • Yes, absolutely!
  • No, that would be awful.

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I feel like this should clear up how we feel about it :wink:


Is it possible to reserve this for level 3 users or something. Make it something to earn over time.


Not without a lot of custom work.


I agree with tommy 1111%


Yeah I agree with the point Tommy makes, and I personally think it would be a little chaotic if everyone could do it. Maybe as a long term goal, I dont think it is anything we need right now. And honestly how many of the level 3 users would have an animated avatar anyways, i dont think anyone would really change from what they have now honestly.


I direct you to my above link you blasphemer.


Yeah but that was just goofing off with gifs, in my opinion an avatar wouldn’t be something you would put a Emma Stone gif for



Yeah I guess we are supposed to be accepting of others arent we? Do what you will.



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Further gif avatar discussion