Poll: Destiny Classes



Favorite Destiny class a.k.a. what do you think you’ll be playing at launch?

  • Titan
  • Warlock
  • Hunter


Low-level Hunter is freakin’ OP, but I think I can skill my a Warlock similar to a Borderlands 1 Lilith build I used to love running, so I plan to start there. Titan was a blast too though.

This might be the first game where I thoroughly enjoyed all the characters trying them out. I suspect the my alt-aholic tendencies will be high for this title :wink:


I have really enjoyed my Warlock. The glider totally changes his double jump.


So far hunter is my class of choice.


I’ve been enjoying Titan and I think my wife is going to play a Hunter.


I’m torn between Titan or hunter. It’ll be a toss up when release hits.


Titan all the way baby!


Hunter. I’m always drawn to the sniper/stealth class and hunter seems to be the perfect fit, especially with a scout/sniper/rocket launcher set up.


I am sold on the warlock after they added a revival ability. It has other support functions as well.


I only managed to try out a Titan and Warlock so far. I enjoyed them both, but I think I enjoyed the Warlock a bit more.

Will have to try the hunter out though


My plan is to play the “Sunsinger” (or firesinger, there is some debate) Warlock. That just suits my playstyle best I think, but these things often change I’ve learned.


After the subclasses were revealed, I pretty-well settled on voidwalker :wink:


Yeah i’m still pretty set on playing a hunter. Still unsure about the subclass though.


I’m still rolling Titan.


It seems that within our group there is a pretty even spread of classes.


Your right. Which is really good for party play.


Yeah everything is coming together quite nicely. Very excited for launch and what waits ahead, between running strikes for a certain item, prepping for raids, team crucible matches even just doing story mode its guaranteed to be a good time.


I’m pretty interested in the 3v3 (fireteam vs fireteam) game mode. I think it’s called "Skirmishes"
Takes me back to WoW arena. . . . BUT WITH GUNS!


That sounds amazing. I love small game modes for tactical play.


I really like the idea of the Titan Shield-dome (it was fun in Halo and presumably incredibly useful in PVE), but their jump ability does not seem to be as decent as the other 2 classes.

I think I have to go with my favorite jump ability, Warlock, since I was able to clear some pretty large gaps in PVP and do some cool exploration in PVE.