Poll: Do you plan on picking up ArcheAge?



After this Closed Beta 3, what are your thoughts?

  • Yes, ARCHEUM ($149)
  • Yes, GOLD ($99)
  • Yes, SILVER ($49)
  • Yes, but only free-to-play
  • No

Here is the breakdown of different packages: http://www.archeagegame.com/en/shop/
You can also get it on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/304072/

Be the first to stake your claim in ArcheAge! While supplies last, Archeum Pack players will receive instant invites to our playable Alpha preview along with unparalleled bonuses, items, Beta access, a head start on launch, and more.

  • Alpha Access
  • Access to all Beta Events
  • 4 Day Pre-Launch Head Start
  • Exclusive Title: “Trailblazer” (+3 to all stats)
  • Exclusive Glass Phoenix Glider
  • Exclusive Founder’s Cloak (+3 to all stats and customizable)
  • Exclusive Desert Assassin Plate Costume
  • Reagents to put your own crest in-game
  • 6 Daru Chests with a chance to get a mount!
  • 10 Pet Healing Potions
  • 10 Evenstones
  • 10 Hereafter Stones
  • 11,250 in-game Credits ($75 value)
  • 90-Day Patron Status ($45 value)


I’m considering picking up the Alpha access… I was curious who else was doing it first?

Edit: Just pulled the trigger on the Alpha Access


Who’s next


i am doing the 150 in a few days


I will more than likely just play the free version.


I’ll do the free to play but i wont be putting anywhere near the time on it as I do wildstar. If it can’t keep my interest then i’ll drop it.


Maybe… if I do anything, it’ll be the free version. I really didn’t fall in love with ArcheAge during the beta access. (Thank you for the key, btw!)

The only thing is… if I do end up really loving it, like GW2, I’ll kick myself for NOT buying the Archeum pack… but eh… if I had nothing else on my plate, then I’d probably go for it.


bought the alpha…150$ worth it!