Poll: Minecraft Events - what day works best for everyone?



Well, we’ve more-or-less settled on how often we’re going to host events, now we need to figure out what day works well for everyone. These will be evening events, lasting around an hour (if our previous events serve as any indicator). Before we had to take a break from them, we were running them Saturday evenings, but with a population shakeup comes the potential that that’s no longer the best day for everyone. Again, I ask that only those interested in participating in these events cast a vote. The poll system is still acting funny, so I’ve made the OP a wiki post again; if you cannot edit it using the green icon in the upper-right, please post or PM me your vote and I’ll add it to the list :wink:

###So, what day would you like to see Minecraft events?

- 0 - Sunday
- 0 - Monday
- 0 - Tuesday
- 0 - Wednesday
- 0 - Thursday
- 0 - Friday
- 0 - Saturday


For me, all days are POSSIBLE, but i’d prefer Monday, Friday or Saturday.


Weekdays are best for me! :slight_smile:


Bumping for some additional feedback so we can hopefully make a go at this next week :wink:


Mondays are a good day.


Wednesday is probably the best day, but I should be able to make it other days as long I’m in town.


weekends usually are better for me…so sat or sun


Poll Results till now:

  • 1 - Sunday - Droul -
  • 3 - Monday - YAS - W1thl0v3 - T_T11223 -
  • 1 - Tuesday - W1thl0v3 -
  • 2 - Wednesday - W1thl0v3 - Biggles7268 -
  • 1 - Thursday - W1thl0v3 -
  • 2 - Friday - W1thl0v3 - T_T11223 -
  • 2 - Saturday - Droul - T_T11223 -
    Biggles7268 and T_T11223 can manage to go on the other days.


Tagging those that have voted thus far:

Sadly, because of the leadership meeting/stream, Mondays are a no-go in the evening. So it looks like we’re facing a Wednesday / Friday / Saturday decision. Thoughts?


Wednesdays are nice too.


Saturday will only work for me if it’s around 6pm west coast time.


[quote=“Biggles7268, post:11, topic:6514, full:true”]
Saturday will only work for me if it’s around 6pm west coast time.
[/quote] I’d be good for 17:00-18:00 west coast and 20:00-21:00 east coast.