Poll: Minecraft Events - who wants what when?



Just think, this post is only a week late! Actually, that was somewhat by design as I’m going to be out of town this weekend and couldn’t hope to host even if everyone was all “OMG let’s do the thing right meow!” I request that only people who intend to join in the fun that is Minecraft events participate in this poll; I know that many people here who probably have feedback, recommendations, and opinions, but I really need to hear from the Strategists who intend to turn out and play on our Minecraft server so I can help provide what they want.

So, how often should we be rocking Minecraft events?

- 1 - Weekly
- 2 - Bi-weekly
- 2 - Monthly
- 0 - Holidays/Special Occasions Only

Once we sort out how frequently we want to have events (if at all) we’ll work to settle on a day and time that works well. Feel free to begin that discussion or any other Minecraft-event-related chatter here; what kind of events would you like; are there events that already exist you want to try; have we done something previously you’d like to see make a comeback?

##Based on feedback, we’re going to try bi-weekly events and see how everything goes. Be sure to vote on what day we should be playing :wink:

Poll: Minecraft Events - what day works best for everyone?

–Stay tuned for a functioning poll; there’s something amiss at the moment–

It would appear polling posts may still be broken related to some other work that was done; the OP is a wiki, please cast a vote and don’t pollute the other results :wink:

If you are not of a trust level to edit the wiki OP, PM me with your vote and I’ll see that it gets cast :wink:


Reminder bump :wink:


This community just keeps getting better and better,
drawing me in more and more.
Before I even heard of this community, I’ve been playing Minecraft (New to it) for about 2 weeks now and really enjoy it. And want to improve in it too.

I’m going to vote for Weekly.
Bi-weekly is okay too, I’m just voting for Weekly :wink:


I’d say Weekly or Bi-Weekly, cause for some people like me, the game they play mostly is Minecraft and is kind of getting boring without any actions or organized events. So for me it would be :
- 1 - Weekly
- 2 - Bi-weekly