Poll: Next BDO Guild Skill



So we have 13 points sitting there just being lumps on a log. Looking to make them work for us!

We have a few options:

Accuracy 1 ( 2 pts ) || Accuracy 2 ( 3 pts ) || Accuracy 3 ( 4 pts ) || 9 points total

Attack Power 1 ( 3 pts ) || Attack Power 2 ( 3 pts ) || Attack Power 3 ( 5 pts ) || 11 points total

Gathering 2 ( 8 pts ) || 8 points total

Fishing 1 ( 5 pts ) || 5 points total

Trade Protection 10% ( 5 pts ) || 5 points total

  • Dump all into Accuracy
  • Dump all into Attack Power
  • Split Accuracy and Attack Power to rank 2
  • Gathering Rank 2
  • Other – Mix and Match ( Make a comment )

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We can mull this over for a few days but I have a spendin feever!


Gathering IMHO. Does this affect our character? Workers? Both?


I don’t believe it affects workers. Kind of remember reading that but can’t find to source it. I like adding ACC to help with leveling since its the biggest buff to being able to hit/damage purple mobs, otherwise the split acc/ap


I’ll leave @ghosthog to tell me when the poll should be closed and i’ll adjust the points according to the result. Though i will not use all of them as i’d like to keep a few in reserve encase of an influx of new members.


Keep in mind we have a few people who were in the guild on 7 day passes that haven’t bought the game.

We have about 15 slots in the guild right now if we nix off 7 day passes.


Kept in mind but my position still stands.


Lets just expand the cap then, a bunch of mis-information keeps popping up at meetings so having the guild at the full cap of 100 accounts could do a lot to dispel some myths.


Would be a waste of points to get to max cap if we never get enough people to get close to max cap. As for mis-information i’ll try and clear that up when i’m not feeling sick and can make the meetings. I feel we’ve done a good job at getting information out there if you have a particular point that you think we are not doing well then please give me that topic and i’ll try and explain it to the best of my abilities.

Also until we get going with a more constant guild mission completions, sorry for begin away for so long cause i’m sick, guild points are a luxury that we have not been getting many of. I am going to keep a couple in reserve in case we need to increase our number again. Other than that, i’ll spend the points based off of what this poll decided.

Thank you for taking the initiative during my sickness to get this discussion started. As i said up above, once @ghosthog has deiced that enough time has passed for the poll i’ll then place those points accordingly.


Since i can’t see it.

Is there ranking up of the guild size a constant 5 every time? or does it increase?


Since i mostly gather and craft my vote goes to gathering 2.


Wife was asking to clarify…

Gathering RK2 increases the speed of gathering (same with fishing ranks).

It is unknown (as far as I am aware) if it increases the rate of “rare” drops from harvesting.


Fishing please…i do a ton of fishing and i feel it would benefit everyone that afk fishes as well.


Yea its funny cause I was looking all over and there were plenty of guides for BDO guilds showing everything except details on what the skills are exactly, lol. (and @GuardianX answers my question on the thread but doesn’t IM me back… uh huh)

Considering that I probably spend more time trying to find the nodes than tapping my foot waiting for my gathering to finish (i guess except for tanning/butchering maybe it could help a little)… I would think accuracy/AP might be better to spend points in. And I also rely on my workers more often to gather lots and lots of needed items. If it increased rare drops that might be worth it but otherwise… Maybe my logic is off, feel free to refute me. :worried:


I should add what @GuardianX just said, the fishing or gathering would help with guild missions a lot.


Lots of good points. Most these listed would help just about everybody. I say we call this by 8pm EST tonight since looks like most members have voted already.
And since its so close between the ACC/AP and the gathering, I’d suggest voting for one or the other of those. If gathering wins, we can still get 1 level of ACC.


With the TIE we have gotten gather 2 and Acc +1.