Poll: Petition for ESO PVP Raiding to replace Evolve on Thursday Nights


Please and thank you:

  • Yes, the eldest of elder scrolls is scrolling!
  • No, I have more evolution to undergo!


Or would some other day be better?


I like Tuesdays, they’re a good day for me. .-.


I’m with YAS. Tue Nights are better for me, plus Wensdays seem to be lighter days to make up for the late Tue night :slight_smile:

Destiny has got that time slot because of its reset cycle…


Is there there a faction change function yet? because if not, I’ll be starting at like lvl 10 or something like that.

This may seem off topic but I say this because I’m voting yes but I am not raid ready yet.


raiding isn’t even on my mind at this point. i’m so far from endgame, and i’m taking it super slow.


Long way from raids. Most of us are starting fresh so no worries bud. Tuesdays work with me if we start a month from now hah.


Yeah, most of us have started anew. PvP will scale and there’s always the Undaunted group dungeons to knock out on our way to the top. Not to mention skyshard runs.


I think Evolve faded out like DAMP but quicker…I didn’t bother last week with hyping it since the two weeks before that was usually only 2 of us, plus Bloodborne has been preoccupying most of us who played it. The matchmaking takes too long in Evolve imo if you don’t have a full group.


I guess “raid” was a poor choice of word. More like "do something together as a group in ESO. That could simply be hang out in mumble while questing individually.


I’m indifferent on which day is chosen.

And yes, “raiding” isn’t really a thing in TESO. Dungeons are only 4-person and even the trials portion of Craglorn is only 8-man I believe.

Questing is more of a solo job because of the phasing nature of the game. If you’re not on the exact same step as someone else it can be difficult to join up. But I personally don’t mind that.

The main group experience, in my mind, is the PvP and that’s relatively easy to drop in-and-out.


We used to have large PVP raids between an hour or so time block.


When I see the term raid I generally associate that with PvE. I expect PvP to consist of many people. Goes back to Dark Age of Camelot I guess.


Trials are 12 man and are basically the equivalent of raiding in ESO


I’m looking for a buddy to play with to level up my char, if you want to dou.


yeah man, that sounds awesome.


I’m good with Tue or Thu.