Poll: Preferred YouTube Video Gaming Length

  • Less than 5 minutes
  • 5-10 minutes
  • 10-15 minutes
  • 15+ minutes

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So, I am curious what others think/feel about video length, more specifically focused on gaming related videos. I know personally I prefer videos to be about 5-10 minutes max, anything beyond that I often tune out, or mainly just listen to the audio while doing something else.

When it comes to videos that are reviewing a game, a game’s features, offering tips/tricks, what do you prefer, that will keep your eyes glued to the screen?

Are there any types of video topics that you prefer in a longer format (ie: let’s play walkthrough, trophy/achievement guides, etc)?


I agree with you completely actually. Normally I don’t watch videos unless I’m doing something low key (whether that’s crafting in a game, or getting ready for bed). Something that is of the length 5-10 minutes allows me a perfect gap/window to watch it and stay interested. Anything longer than that, like you said exactly, I tend to tune out and just listen to whomever talk and hopefully grasp what is going on as my eyes drift to sleep.


It really depends. For play through I really like 25-30 minute videos. It really helps me get to know them and gives me something to watch when I go to bed. For tip, tricks, trophy videos, I really like short videos. Cut the fluff and get to the point.


I think it depends on if the person making them is more entertaining if they make long videos or if they put together all the best moments making the video 5-10 minutes. Both kinds of gameplays I like, but it really depends.


15 Minutes is the sweet spot for me. Also like @ChickenManG said, depends on the guy, comentary, etc.


Anywhere from 5-15 minutes. However they type of video you’re creating should be considered. Montages should short and sweet, small tutorials should be about 5 mins, larger tutorials around 10. Straight gameplay 15+, play troughs 15+, funny moments short and sweet and focus on the moment. Just my opinion.


For game moments, do you like or dislike commentary?


Depends on what you are going for. If you make jokes then commentary is a must. If you are doing a serious play through then it depends on your style.


I like one of 2 types of commentary, depending on the content:

  1. Jokes for funny stuffs. Comedy bits work well as-is too, but sometimes it’s nice to hear some other thoughts/jokes to further enhance the viewing experience and give us the full grasp of the situation.
  2. Quality exposition/explanation for strategy-intense sequences to help me better grasp the depth of the content in the event I’m not 100% familiar with the title and such. This is especially useful, in my opinion, when you deal in a wide range of content to make it more accessible to your audience.


My vote goes to 5-10 minutes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be dynamic. Instead of posting longer-form let’s play’s, vlogs or video podcasts, you could post them live that way you can build more of a public interest by feeding off of viewer interaction. I’d keep those videos at about 1.5 to 2hrs (similar to the common length of a movie), edit and repost them at 1/2 or 1/4 the length on YouTube the following mornings (similar to the common 22 and 44min tv show length), and at the end of each week post a highlight reel from all the live videos to a length of about, as mentioned, 5-10 minutes long.


Personally I prefer 10-15 minutes but it depends on what the video is about and how entertaining it is, I get bored a lot after about 8 minutes Haha but I also like to have the choice of watching more or just skipping to the good bits :smiley:
Also if it involves a lot of talking I cant handle more than 5 minutes but then same goes too videos with no talking… Im a strange one ^^