Poll: Should we switch the preferred Strats PVP campaign?



I say preferred instead of home because it’s not necessary that you switch your home campaign. What it does mean is that events, time, and energy spent on a campaign will switch to this new campaign.

  • Auriel’s Bow (switch to, higher population)
  • Volendrung (stay as current, lower population)

Please post any feedback or comments.


I’m not going to lie, I had a lot of fucking fun in AB tonight. We didn’t do any sieges but I love killing and I love to see how long it takes a huge group to take me down while I take a few of them down with me.


I voted low, but if Volendrung is not working out I think we should search for a low/mid pop server where; 1. We can have a noticeable effect on the actual map. 2. We can participate in more tactical, less zergy fights. 3. Our computers wont strain to render the battlefield at 20 fps or less. 4. And most of all, lag. Fighting in a huge zerg battle sounds fun, but Z’s servers are not up to the task at the moment and honestly, there were times tonight where I couldn’t swap weapons let alone cast my abilities properly.

my 2 cents
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Hard to say, I’d like a more populated server but it would be shit to be locked out of our preferred campaign. What about Wabba? Decently populated most of the time, but not always locked for AD.


Also, I’d be in favour of keeping a campaign we can dominate as home and guesting something else. Speaking of which, we’ve lost our hold on Volendrung.


The problem with Wabba is that goon swarm runs in Wabba. I voted AB because recently I’ve had a lot more fun there than in Volendrung. That said, at the start I had more fun in Volendrung than I did in AB.

The disadvantages of AB include big fps drops (at least for me I had to turn my settings from high to medium), occasional lag spikes, and the fact that with a server this highly populated we can’t make much of an impact.

The advantages of AB is it is seemingly very balanced, there are fights at all fronts of the battle (it really is a three way fight), and you get get a ton of AP very fast (I got about 20k in less than 30 minutes).

The main disadvantage of Volendrung is it isn’t fun at all. This wasn’t my opinion at the start but recently all of the fights are extremely one sided. Either AD is dominating and we outnumber them probably about 4 to one and we take the entire map, or DC is dominating and they outnumber us about 4 to one and they take the entire map. Neither of these options are very fun.

For the advantages of Volendrung, see the disadvantages of AB.

Overall the difference to me is a game that is laggy and hurts my computer, but that is balanced and fun, or a game that functions well but simply is boring. I’d prefer the first in that scenario.


Which alliance is goonswarm playing in Wabba? Only reason I’m in favour of Wabba is that EP have the numbers and I’d rather play in a populated server as the underdog.

Does anyone know how the home campaign feature works? If we have Auriels set as home, can we get in even if it’s locked? Because I can get in when it’s locked if I enter solo.


They’re DC.

If there’s a lock then it’s full and you’ll be put in a queue. I think Home users get priority over Guest users but don’t quote me on that.


If they’re DC then I’m all for Wabba. The sweet ain’t as sweet without the sour.


I’m down for Wabbajack, too.


Abstain. My home is dawnbreaker for the eternal scroll boost but ill happily guest in any campaign we choose :slight_smile: