Poll: Strats PlanetSide 2 Empire

There’s been much debate! Here’s the official poll. We have a long while to decide so you can change your vote as your opinion changes (e.g. after you’ve played the beta). We can use this to start getting an idea of where people are leaning though.


  • New Conglomerate
  • Terran Republic
  • Vanu Sovereignty

Empire Propaganda

I moved a post to an existing topic: I have a simple question for you Strats

I feel bad that there is no Propaganda post for Vanu Sovereignty, but I am in no way knowledgeable about PlanetsSide 2 to even try. Needless to say, I’ll be voting Red-…er… the Terran Republic (since that’s my favorite color, and probably so we have something else to quarrel over, @Nubhugs! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Additionally, I was surprised how much propaganda popped up, and how quickly it happened…

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So I feel super lost with these posts at the moment. What are these faction things for PS2? So confused at the moment.

Just pick New Conglomerate.

In the beginning there was the Terran Republic. Then some cool rebel guys decided the Republic was pretty oppressive and downright wrong, so they broke off and formed the New Conglomerate.

The Vanu Sovereignty is a bunch of nerdy scientist guys who worship alien tech. They’re just weird and don’t get any girls.

@DanceBurgerDance Planet Side 2 has 3 factions when you make a character. New Conglomerate is a team with powerful but slow weapons. Terran Republic uses fast rate of fire but low damage weapons. The Vanu use alien like weapons that are accurate but are the most fragile faction. The battles never end so the factions just continue to fight with the objective of capturing the map. Me and @Vocino are just having some fun because the ingame Strats clan will have to pick a faction when we start.

No idea what the factions are, never played PS2. I’ll follow suit with Strats though, lol.

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Well, I guess that’s why nobody wrote for the Vanu…

It’s more because they’re basically a cult, and honestly I can’t sell people on joining a cult lol

I will 100% support whichever Empire we end up backing, but man do I hope we get to wear red…

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I will 100% support whichever Empire we end up backing, as long as I’m wearing blue and gold and driving a Vanguard while doing it.


Vanu used to be OP now now they are just silly looking

All this talk has prompted me to download the PC version this morning.

The reds need to die.

Downloaded the game, logged in… and instantly died again.

Seems I can’t play a shooter anymore without a gamepad and aim assist. Guess PS2 on PS4 is my next attempt.

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It’s dead even right now! 5 to 5

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As soon as we start winning I will close the poll! lol jk

We still have time brothers. A vote for NC is a vote for the winning side. You don’t want to be on a planet that is being crushed by the other team because you chose the wrong side!

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From a wiki:

10/10: do want hovering, all-terrain strafe vehicles. Also don’t mind wrecking people while wearing pink and green (they were my Char Engineer’s WvW colors ;))

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Looks like the Vanu votes just borrowed from the NC! That means TR is winning. It’s like the Green Party all over again!

The Sovereignty were pulling votes without the use of propaganda; let’s see how your factions fare now that we, too, have a post :wink: