Poll: Studio of the Year 2014

What was 2014’s most extraordinary achievement by a creative team? Vote from the list below or write in your pick if it’s not listed here. Note: Any developer qualifies for nomination provided that they launched the title in question in 2014.

  • Bioware (Dragon Age Inquisition)
  • Bungie (Destiny, Destiny: The Dark Below)
  • Cellar Door Games (Rogue Legacy)
  • Creative Assembly (Alien: Isolation)
  • From Software (Dark Souls II)
  • Honeyslug w/ Santa Monica Studio (Hohokum)
  • Klei Entertainment (Don’t Starve: Console Edition)
  • MachineGames (Wolfenstein: The New Order)
  • Matt Makes Games (TowerFall Ascension)
  • Monolith Productions (Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor)
  • Naughty Dog (The Last of Us Remastered)
  • Obsidian Entertainment w/ South Park Digital Studios (South Park: The Stick of Truth)
  • Rockstar North (Grand Theft Auto V for PS4)
  • San Diego Studio (MLB 14 The Show)
  • Sledgehammer Games (Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare)
  • Square Enix (Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn)
  • Sucker Punch Productions (inFAMOUS Second Son)
  • Supergiant Games (Transistor)
  • Telltale Games (The Walking Dead Season Two)
  • Ubisoft Montreal (Far Cry 4)

Going with Bungie for the sole fact that even though they frankly fucked up on a lot of Destiny, they are listening quite closely to what their people have to say and fix the issues pretty damn quickly.

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