Poll: The Epic Strats World of Warcraft Debate

So this started from a conversation @Auth and I had on Mumble which I believe branched from an earlier conversation with @Droul and a few other members.

As everyone probably is aware, there is a new WOW expansion being released soon. No matter what kind of gaming operation you’re running, you have WOW players. The accessibility, reach, and adoption of that game is just insane. So what do we do?

One option is to launch a Strats guild in WOW and provide a home for players that enjoy the game but want to keep a close proximity to our culture and activities here. The other option is to continue to give WOW the cold shoulder.

My personal opinion is that if we have a strong leader that wants to run it, there’s no reason we shouldn’t support it as a community. However, it’s a very mature game with huge guilds and raiders. It’s difficult to break into that market in terms of recruiting and I’m not sure we have the numbers here right now to support it. We would need that strong leader (mentioned above) to have a significant role in creating content for WOW members in the form of raids, events, and recruitment.

So here’s the poll:

  • Yes, I would join a Strats WOW Guild.
  • Yes, I don’t play but I think it’s a good idea.
  • No, the guild I’m already in is too cool (aka I like raiding with 14 year olds yelling at me).
  • No, I’ve been WOW sober for years and I will never chase that dragon again, Strats shouldn’t support it.

I plan on playing the expansion but I’ve been in the same guild for over 5 years and I don’t want to bail on them. The people here that play are probably spread out over many many servers.

While that game is huge I agree with @Droul that it is just something that would be to crazy to coordinate. People would have to leave guilds, change servers, as well as deal with a pretty small sized guild. The most amount of guys I could see us fielding would be 10 or so reliable people realistically. Maybe we can make a section for it on the website just to discuss the expansion and the game or a mumble channel, but I just don’t think we have the people for a guild.

This seems like a good compromise. Good idea. If it starts to get significant traction, those participating will coordinate accordingly.

Do you have to leave your guild any more?

Thought a huge change was that you don’t have to move since everything is x server

Depending on what server it’s on. All my friends pretty much talked me into coming back, but they play on Blackrock

And I’m just here trying with all I’ve got to resist going back. This 10th anniversary documentary sure didn’t help though…

But I agree with @DracoIsmenium’s suggestion. No WoW guild (too mature) but support for discussions.

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I think there’s just too many people on too many different servers for it to work appropriately.

Edit: and @JohnOnTheRocks I struggled with it for a long time, until I finally caved after not being able to find an MMO I could get into.

From what I understand, realms don’t matter anymore after this update.

I’m in the same spot. I’ve been disappointed so many times. I’ve been WoW free for just about 2 years and now all this new stuff is tempting me again.

Well you don’t really need to change servers anymore to raid with people.

Guilds are largely for bonuses to leveling and, as far as I know, the benefits from guilds are all given upon joining a guild.

Personally I’m not looking to make a hardcore “Strats” guild but a common sense "Hey we are raiding and “Flex” happens type group if people are interested. I’m not sure how hardcore I’ll even take the game. I’m pretty sure I’ll raid and certainly group as time permits.

With X-realm raiding and grouping servers are largely meaningless though.

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yeah, I think I’ve decided to at least get my first toon to lvl 100. Then maybe I’ll have some closure :stuck_out_tongue:


@GuardianX well I actually didn’t even know you could raid with people cross server now so that’s pretty cool. I actually am rerolling an undead hunter to acclimate myself to the game again, and it seriously a different game than I remember.

I never knew they took skill points out of the game. That one was a shocker to me, kind of made it feel super dumbed down.

The change from Mana to Focus(or whatever) actually took me some time to figure out because last I played hunters had mana.

All in all I can admit that after staying away for several years and then coming back it feels like a totally different game. I would definitely join a strats guild and come in mumble when I’m streaming since it’s a mature environment and I like to try and keep my streams kinda mature.

Realms still matter…you cant just decide i want to play with player x if hes on a different server. You might be able to form a flex raid and hope he shows up in your raid finder tool…but there is no way of grouping up and questing or anything like that. The LFR (Looking For Raid) tool is cross realm but if you decide to start a raid your choices are kinda limited.

That is odd, My wife and I were doing X-server questing from Area-52 and Kilrogg. We didn’t have any major issues.

/invite Name-Server

is what we used if I recall.

I haven’t tried X-Realm Flex raid but I know the group of guys I am running with have included people from different servers in their raids with little to no issue.

LFR is one thing that has been X-server for a while, but they were recruiting for normal mode and heroic runs for X-server.

I think the missing factor here is Real ID.

Droul is correct that you can’t group with a_random_tool_04 from any server, while GuardianX is correct that he can group with his wife who is on a server from another battlegroup likely because they are Real ID friends.

Non-WoW-addict here: is Real ID similar to PSN Friend list? Because if that’s how it works I’m actually a bit impressed with Blizzard.

Real ID is similar if you offer your real name on PSN. Generally if you add someone to your friends list it’s just on that character. Real ID adds you globally and they show up in all Blizzard games with their real name.

Edit - Failed to add that you can talk cross-game with Real ID.

Kinda, realID is essentially a system that allows cross blizzard game friend lists. It spans servers and blizzard products.

I’ll ask tonight, but I was under the impression that raiding with flex does not require RealID. There is actually a site that pushes cross realm raids called open raid.