Poll: Weekly Event for 14 Mar



What previous event would you like to see make a comeback as this week’s event?

  • Extreme Dodgeball
  • Lava Wall

Links to original event threads:
Extreme Dodgeball
Lava Wall

The reasons for this poll are two-fold. Firstly, they afford me a week off (or to work ahead) and, secondly, they offer everyone a chance to play (either for the first time because they missed it or again because they loved it) some of the previous content we’ve experienced.

Make your voice heard; the poll will close Wednesday, 11 Mar, mid-afternoon-ish :wink:

State of the Server (15 Mar)
Hi My Names Lane Nice To Meet You
State of the Server (8 Mar)
Catfish_23 introduction to strats

I moved 9 posts to a new topic: Mods as weekend events discussion


:fire: Lava Wall :fire: has been getting some upgrades given the state of the vote; don’t forget to cast yours :wink:


The votes have been cast, it’s time to revisit :fire: Lava Wall :fire:

Several improvements have been made including VIP’s with custom recipes, a rework of the potion vending machines (they work correctly now ;)), team with disabled friendly fire, and an automated score-keeping system; I hope you’re all ready for another round of crazy this weekend :wink:


Reminder bump: the chaos starts at 9pm EDT tonight :wink:


Event map is up and running; start time is on the hour; get in here! :wink:


Thanks to everyone who came out tonight! We had a small glitch with the logic initially, but I know the fix and it’ll be a non-issue with events moving forward; feel free to leave any feedback here or in the original :fire: Lava Wall :fire: thread :wink: