Poll: What crafting professions do you have?



Just trying to get an idea of what we have available to us. We are going to be an end game guild so we will use all the crafters we can get. Plus I’m just playing with polls :smile:

  • Blacksmith
  • Clothier
  • Alchemy
  • Provisioning
  • Woodworking
  • Enchanting

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I kinda dabble in a few crafts. Mostly Clothier, and Enchanting. Just a wee bit of alchemy and woodworking too… I know I should have just picked one but meh. FTW


No that’s fine. No need to stick to one if you dont want to


Working on clothing, woodworking and provisioning (less seriously). Not sure how far I will get them. Depends on number of skill points I end up with I guess :smile:


Craft all the things!

Alchemy (50)
Provisioning (50)
Woodworking (48 - Specializing in Bows)
Clothier (47 - Specializing in Medium Leather)
Blacksmithing (41 - Specializing in Daggers and 1h Swords)
Enchanting (24)


Clothier, woodworking. 5 and 6 traits on light armor items, 6 on fire and healing staffs, 5 on lighting staff, 7 on shield.
I am so handy! lol