Poll: What platform will you be playing Destiny on?



Destiny will be released on all major console platforms. From what I understand, cross-platform grouping is not supported.

  • PlayStation 3
  • PlayStation 4
  • Xbox 360
  • Xbox One


ps4 ofc


PS4. No x-box one for me.




Happy to see my PS4 brothers representing.


It might not be official yet, but it’s already starting to feel that way :smiley:


I’m hopeful for a PC release. :’(


I seriously doubt that will happen.


Agreed. Adding the game to PC would put all consol games at a dissadvantage. Unless they released it for PC by itself i don’t think it would work.


PS4 is crushing this poll!



I would be more than happy to play with you guys if someone would be captain badass and buy me a ps4. :slight_smile:

(Willing to work for it)


That’s inappropriate.


Sorry…didn’t mean to be…was just messing around.


That was a joke.


ok…i pulled the trigger and went into serious debt but i just ordered a ps4…headphones and Destiny…plus a 1 year PSN membership…i might be working the corners in my hood to pay for it but oh well.



I really haven’t looked into this game until I came to these forums. I own both a 360 and ps3 but haven’t gotten a newer console since my teenage stepsons lost interest in games. Also having started out with Doom I generally prefer a mouse for my aiming. But I do enjoy co-op play.

I did some searching and some sites are reporting a possible PC release on Steam early next year. Has anyone else heard about this and would you prefer to play on PC if it were available?


I’ve got it pre-ordered on the PS4. Can’t wait for Sept 9th!

@teh_ninjaneer I’m not familiar with it coming to Steam next year… That doesn’t mean it won’t of course.


From a different thread: