Poll: What platform will you be playing Mass Effect Andromeda on?



To those that are going to pick up ME Andromeda what are you playing on?

  • PS4
  • PC

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What is ME: A’s multiplayer?

Not sure if that is what you were trying to gauge in this thread.

I’m really lost as to what it will bring.

Will it be like, 2 people progressing thru a story kinda like Halo was?

Will it be like player 2 is just there and controls one character wile the main person does all the grunt work?

Will it be in-depth? Can I go off on my own while Player 1 does their thing?


So ME:A is not coming to XBONE?


It’s the Gears of War coop fighting off waves of enemies style


Damn, I was really hoping for a Halo style Co-Op and not just a mini-game.


I didn’t realize RPGs of this caliber were allowed on anything but PC :joy::joy::joy:

j/k. I always pref mouse and keyboard for RPGs whenever possible.


yes it is coming to xbone but from my recollection not many play on that platform…and i was just gauge what to get.


Sign me up for the N64 Ultimate Bundle


Did you play ME2 or 3 with a m/kb? The games are designed for controllers whether you’re on a PC or a console.


Oh i know. Tis a personal preference. Having th number keys has always simplified combat controls. Plus I can’t recall if the console versions had the pause feature but that was/is a major factor for me.