Poll: What will your class and role be for launch?


  • Warrior/Tank
  • Warrior/DPS
  • Engineer/Tank
  • Engineer/DPS
  • Stalker/Tank
  • Stalker/DPS
  • Esper/DPS
  • Esper/Healer
  • Spellslinger/DPS
  • Spellslinger/Healer
  • Medic/DPS
  • Medic/Healer


If you will post your name and class/role

Droul - Stalker/DPS


Just curious, why does this matter so much? Or is it just to get a general idea for the fun of it?


Wheatums - Stalker/DPS

Will probably pick up a Spellslinger/Healer as an alt.


Icnivad - Engineer/Tank (most likely)


I’m considering Engineer/Tank right now but I don’t really know.


Gwyneth/Gin or some variation of one of those two depending on what is already taken.

Stalker - Tank


Well, to me it would be helpful to see if a role is lacking, or a class of a particular role.


If every MMO ever is any indication of how WildStar will go, all of that will change up considerably after the first 2 weeks :smile:


ATM Spellslinger/DPS


Zev - Engineer/Tank or DPS…undecided…didn’t get high enough in beta to really doing any tanking so I’m not sure how I’ll like it.


I tanked the early dungeons w/ engi. It was actually extremely easy. You get an auto attack that generates threat, you get a taunt, you can use the bot to interupt and switch agro. Dots to do a little extra dmg + threat.

Not sure how it changes up late game, but that rotation was very solid for me



I’ve played a lot of stealth classes and the “combo point” system gets old after almost 10 years. Build the resource, then use the resource appeals to the old school “fighting games” gamer I was as a teen.


Stalker DPS/Tank

I’ll be focusing mostly on DPS and with a fair bit of PVP, but I’d like to try out tanking with the stalker because it sounds somewhat challenging. Let’s face it, we’ll all have a bunch of alts within a few weeks anyways.


medic dps
boom shaka laka mc talka laka daka

KLUTCH in dis


Engineer dps with tank offspec for the running of 5 mans. I will almost certainly have some form of healing alt as well, whether esper or medic I’m not sure. What appeals to me about the engineer is that you can be up in their grill, or take em on at range.


Twinkle, Stalker DPS

because batman/wolverine/predator

oh, and all the alts. ALL OF THEM.


Myrakat - Stalker DPS


Name TBD - Engineer / DPS


Copenhagen - SS DPS/Heals OR Warrior DPS. Voted SS DPS.