Poll: When are you available for Guildie Night?


  • During the week (day time)
  • During the week (night time)
  • During the weekend (day time)
  • During the weekend (night time)

Please specify what days you are free in the comments below =^_^=

[I would be more than happy to have a week day and weekend event if there is a big enough split]


I’m technically free during the days or early afternoons as well as fairly late night during the week.
During the weekends I’m free anytime but I like nights, so I chose that option.
I would be up for either one, or both.


My schedule is pretty sporadic, but I’m usually free during the weekdays.


I voted week nights but I will try to show up whenever you decide, if I can. Maybe it could be a rolling schedule so everyone can get involved. For example, every 6 or 8 days.


Weekday nights tend to be best for me but I sometimes can do weekend nights and days.


I play nights during the week and nights on weekends. Usually after 9pm EST tho.


Very good idea, I like that!


I am available most anytime. I do raid occasionally in WoW on wed and friday nights from 9pm est on but any other day/time sounds good to me. After Wildstar comes out i will be playing that alot though.