Poll: Will you be playing EVOLVE?



Since there’s some interest in the upcoming game Evolve (some info over on this thead: Thrill of the Hunt with Evolve), it would be nice to gauge how many actually plan on trying this game out in February. Would be helpful in comments if you left the platform you plan to play on: PS4, PC, XBONE

  • yes
  • no
  • strong maybe

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Evolve Detailed Trailer and a guide

Will be playing on the PS4


I’ll be playing on PS4




You know PS4.


I’m likely getting this on PC. Dat Win10/DX12.


PS4 for me


Im still a maybe on this…i have limited funds and there are other titles coming out that i want more than this so i will have to see. PS4 nation.


Really on the fence; I think between it and Shadow Realms I’d prefer the latter, --though I also hate Origin-- (no Origin require derp derp), so I’m in an impasse. I may end up skipping both and just dumping time into PS2.



thats my reasoning as well…between ps2…borderlands 2 and the witcher 3


PS4 all the way baby


PC yo!


I’ll play when its on sale on steam, who pays full price for any games anymore! PC master race :stuck_out_tongue:


Me. :disappointed:


Where was all this Evolve hype 4 months ago when I was trying to get people interested?


You contributed to the steady build of hype my friend.


I would’ve helped you back then but I was on a gaming hiatus at the time


If I do get into EVOLVE, it’ll definitely be on my PS4.


Needs moar PC players. Goliath roars sound amazing with my sound card.


@teh_ninjaneer: is it just you and me on PC? We’re in trouble if so, I’m not very experienced with mmos. :-/