PornHub traffic analysis from game consoles




All this time XBox wanted to be the living room, all-in-one console, but Sony managed to edge it out as the ultimate “personal entertainment” device. There’s also a joke here about stereotypical XBL CoD kids, but I’m too lazy to deliver it well :wink:

The falling VITA stats are unsurprising, at best.


:rip: Vita :rip:


I wonder if that is because of PSVR?


Heh, the things people will measure. Funny to me that 3DS has risen.


Probably something to do with the latest Pokemon release :wink:


Is this global or just the US?


Wow you are so consolist it’s not even funny. Yeah, that’s right, I just coined that.

It could be argued that xbox has a more mature demographic and a less perverted one.

I’ll just say I’m not surprised you were the first to respond with a quick anti xbox rant.


#PCMR :wink:


His argument that this shows xbox hasn’t made its way to the living rooms…

Who watches porn in their living room?


People with PS4’s?


I know this is supposed to be a more humorous thread, but…
I can’t help but wonder how these percentages compare the the respective market share of the consoles…
That would be the true test to see who visits more often.


Well it’s no secret that PS4 has the market share on in-home consoles, but 3DS has more sales than even that.


I’m just shocked that I can watch pr0n on my 3DS or Vita.


It’s funny that you say this, because I’ve heard the opposite about PS4 wayyyyyyyy more often than on Xbox.
(I have PS4, Xbox One, and PC and like each for certain things… PCMR)