Possibly the Youngest Old Salt From Florida



Hey everyone, and yes, everything you hear about Florida is true, even we know it.

I am a college student studying Computer Science with a specialization in Information Assurance. I might be the youngest person here, at 21, but I am an old soul (or so people often tell me). I am pretty quiet and as a rather socially awkward kid who was home-schooled most of his life, I didn’t really develop the same trends and needs as my age peer group. They grew up on pop and hip-hop/rap music, I was raised on Kenny Rogers and Queen, so I didn’t have much to go on. Games have always been a safe place for me being ‘that’ guy in school who was very quiet and just kinda drifted from class to class, but most of the games I played died out and I had to adult, so I am here in hopes of finding a new group of friends who can point me in the right direction for some fun times. I play almost everything (aside from MOBAs, not too huge a fan). I seem to have an affinity for shooters, but I have always loved stat games (DnD with my brothers growing up) and RPGs I can get lost in.

Edit: Yes, as soon as I have the funds, I will be joining Albion Online, the best chance the MMO genre has at a revival.


Were glad to have you! Look foward to seeing you in Albion. I’m also on overwatch nightly from 10pm est till midnight if you ever want to give that a go (FPS game), theres a thread with everyones tags to add. Right now i havnt been able to find an MMO to hold my attention (other than albion which is in beta) but when one does come around, i’m sure we’ll all be there.

Dont worry about being “that guy” i think all of us are “that guy” in one sense or another.


Thanks for the welcome. :slight_smile: I am glad to see that there are still these groups of people that can enjoy games without having to take things overboard and to the extreme. I have recently hit that MMO wall. Everything from KR MMOs to ESO and GW2 (at the moment). Albion seems like it is going to be fantastic. I played quite a bit of Battleborn (yes, I am one of those guys who got that instead of Overwatch, but it was fun for a while). I am looking to get Overwatch though, I love team based games like that. AND FINALLY! SOMEONE IN THE SAME TIME ZONE!


I was dead set on getting Battleborn. Sadly i didnt cause i couldnt convince any of my friends at the time to play with me. I hear things are pretty grim in their realm. Dying so early probably not a chance of redemption. Did you enjoy the game? I was a avid GW2 player for the longest time. After my server took a dive and GvG was non existant, then all the big guilds including mine swapped servers i bailed. So i never got to play the expansion much. Hows the game holding out? Is there much new? It seemed the only ever new content to come was the events that came weekly, and alot of them were kinda meh back in the day.

Ya theres no reason to take things overboard or to the extreme. I’m gaming to have a good time. Not trying to be rediculous about it, its only a game lol. I am a very competitive player, but i dont get out of hand like some of my RL buds do. Its insane to see how nuts they get playing overwatch competition and Pugs playing stupid lol. Back in the day i used to play at least 10 hrs a day, i’d take 2 week vacations on game launch days… those days are over though, married, 3 kids will do it to you every time haha.

Glad to see someone else that plays around my time. Look foward to gaming with you bro!


Honestly, it is a fantastic game that was killed by MLG players and the fact that there wasn’t any balancing done fast enough. One character (Alani) Could tank/Mass heal (her and her entire team to max)/was very small, very fast, and had extremely high DPS with abilities the decreased her healing cooldown. Naturally, everyone played her, so every match there was one of her, and you couldn’t win. And then MLG got big, and all the professional players started playing (met a good steam friend from Japan who plays Battleborn and Overwatch for a living) and that pretty much was the nail in the coffin for me. I just started honestly, was referred to it by an old friend who wanted to play some games. So literally just installed it to be honest, but worried due to the Pay for Levels system attached to the expansions.

I get what you mean. Not married or anything, but I am a serious insomniac and games are kinda the only way to fill that time aside from reading, and no matter how much I love technology, I can only read so many cert manuals before I need some Castlevania in my life. lol! And it seems almost impossible anymore to find people EST. It is the strangest thing.And I look forward to gaming with you too, man.


Hey mate, welcome to the party! I was almost you in regards to Battleborn. I only had enough funds to pick up either it or Overwatch, so I hedged my bet on the less-expensive one (at the time); glad I went with Overwatch.

We actually use EST/EDT as our primary timezone for events and the like, and though there are a number of us scattered all over the place (especially across the Americas) you shouldn’t have too much trouble catching people on when you’re on. Let us know if you have any questions or run into any issues :wink:


I am kind of curious @Auth. I hopped on mummble last 2 days around 10est. Both days only 4 people in afk channel lol. Was hoping to find some overwatch folks possibly. Is there more than 1 server setup?


For Overwatch everyone uses in game VOIP in case we want to talk with the PUGs in a not-full group. Also, our back-end programmers are currently working to integrate our forum permissions and such with Discord; once this is done, we’ll probably bring down Mumble.


Ah Roger. Will readd overwatch folks tonight again as I think I only picked up 1 or 2 from last requests sent. Hopefully catch some on for a few games this weekend


I know with Overwatch’s Competative mode there was some quality salt given the matchmaking feeling off to some folks, so some number of players that are on break (and many more are out looking for Pokemon ;)).


Ya, blizzards already noted theirs issues with matchmaking. Hopefully they fix it in the near future. I find sudden death more broke than anything for sure though. Now that we been playing mostly competitive, going back to quick play just doesnt feel right (to easy, or people are just to stupid most the time). Got to think though its their first implementation, so its going to go through some rounds till its sorted.

I’m glad they’ve decided to remove sudden death totally, and hopefully that comes in soon. If they can get the MMR ratings feeling a big more legit i think it’ll be alright.


Welcome aboard.


Hello and welcome!


Welcome to the cave!! Have fun, go wild and drink lots o rum!! YAARRR!


Welcome to Strats!


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