Post your desktop Monday


Hello and welcome to another post that may or may not be forgotten into the darkness of the void!

The idea is to post on Mondays your new desktop setup. One picture that showing the overall looks of windows and common used apps and another one just showing your desktop background. More than 1 monitor is acceptable! Was not using dual monitor @ work. Now…

Lets goo

I am pretty much a minimalist guy, wanted to guy this a try as i was talking about relax themes with @Tekkatron

I’m sure i will be changing this theme soon, as i often go for darker themes.

Show us yours!


I run two monitors in an offset alignment; still waiting on a new Strats background :wink:


Much want.


Now that I’m home…

I’m just a one monitor scrub on the new PC.


Pushing the pixels to the max…


Why the trolling?


My work desktop. Will add my home desktop later.


Top taskbar?! You’re one of those


Obviously. Most efficient location.





My game room is city themed.


T Dot.[quote=“Dynamible, post:13, topic:12149”]
city themed.


Forgot to post my home desktop :frowning:

Will do when I get home tonight.




I dig.