Post your super awesome epic build! All classes!



I myself am always looking for a good build and changing mine up. Post your build here to help your fellow guildies in their indecisiveness. I cant decide what I want to do with my 2nd bar.

My Build

The Strategy & Co. ESO Guild (NA, AD, Volendrung)


My two Dragon Knight builds.

Tanking Daedra/Undead/WW (High DPS build)

  • The 1hand + shield bar is for tanking bosses. Silver Shards is awesome for pulling or knocking down some ranged adds.
  • The dual wield bar is for trash/adds. Run into the group opening with Burning Talons followed immediately by a Turn Undead roots the group and fears them. You have a group that cannot run away and is feared so they are basically standing still and dying. Burn through your stamina with Whirling Blades, which has twice the chance to trigger Evil Hunter’s bonus damage and stamina gain because it’s two weapon hits. It’s also an AOE finisher dealing bonus damage to low health enemies.
  • The 5th abilities are swapped often while playing so green dragon blood is only on the 1hand + shield bar only for boss fights.

General Tanking/DPS

  • Very similar playstyle to the previous bar.
  • Deep Slash (for bosses) can be swapped for Shielded Assault (for trash).

Watch this video (not mine) and make sure to take advantage of animation canceling.


I might have to try that. I don’t know if I can give up my shield charge though.


You can drop the Volatile Armor if you really want Shielded Assault. I use Volatile Armor as a pre-fight buff, but also because Volatile Armor + Turn Undead = Overcharged Armor even if all my gear is broken and I’m starting at 0 armor. So I can be cheap and run around with broken armor to save cash while questing and it feels like its fully repaired.


BTW the General Tanking link comes up blank


Here’s the build.


These look pretty damn nice.



I am bumping this because I would like more people to participate in this.


I’m basically a fire mage but also a one hand and shield dragonknight

link to build here

What I do is run in to a group of enemies and hit burning talons to lock em all in place, then I do Impulse (fire area damage) then fiery breath (again area fire damage) then I switch to weapon set 2 ( one hand and shield) and shield bash each enemy once and they are all dead. That saves my magika instead of spamming another round of impulse and fiery breath. I have the passive to increase damage with shield bash while lower the cost. Also I have a passive to increase damage from fire abilities so i always equip a flame staff and use primarily ardent flame abilities.
Fire Fire Fire ha ha


I’ve got a Sorc that I wanted to run as an assassin type.

0 49 0
7/7 medium armour enchanted for Stamina
Thief mundus

Bow bar:
Endless Fury
Crystal shards
Poison arrow
Critical Surge
Bolt Escape
Flawless Dawnbreaker

Resto bar:
Endless Fury
Grand healing
Combat Prayer
Velocious curse
Bolt Escape
Dispel Magic

Works well, but it’s squishy. If I initiate (stealthed) on someone below VR6 they can go down in about 4 volleys. I start off with critical surge, then use light attacks and Poison arrow together, and finish then off with Endless Fury. If Crystal shards procs I use it.

If it’s a target that won’t go down easily, like a DK, I’ll throw max 3 Endless Fury out to try and get Crystal Shards to proc.

If all fails, Bolt out.


This is a interesting build, out of interest why no snipe skill as an opener, is it just not worth it?

its also been a while since you posted this is there anything else you would change to it or not?


Snipe takes too long to cast, and it’s only useful as an opener, wouldn’t use it in a fight. So I don’t know what I’d trade out for it. But it does do a lot of dmg, so I’m sure there’s a way you could make it work.

Probably not, light armor would be good, but need those crits for the healing. I’ve actually rerolled a NB, the Sorc is mainly for crafting now. Been meaning to go back and try a completely different build with SnB, 5 light 2 heavy. One day…


I absolutely hate Snipe. It sounds so good on “paper” but after I tried it the first time in PVP it left my bar never to return.


I’m wondering if we should make separate build threads for each class. It will make it easier for people to navigate who are looking for specific builds.

With that being said, here is my current High Elf Sorcerer build, in case everyone decides to keep all builds in this thread.

Single Target DPS

Bar 1: (Resto Staff)
Velocious Curse
Crystal Fragments
Spell Symmetry
Critical Surge
Inner Light
Greater Storm Atronoch

This build is great, especially with food buffs to health and magicka. Inner Light increases crit. chance, which allows for health return from Critical Surge. Keep track of the Critical Surge timer and try to keep it active at all times. It’s pretty much a 2 slot rotation after that. Velocious Curse followed by Crystal Fragments. If Crystal Fragments was an instant cast, you’ll want to throw in a heavy attack from the Resto Staff while you wait for Velocious Curse to explode. Use Spell Symmetry to replenish your magicka.

You’ll need to stay on your toes and make sure you keep your health up so that you can replenish your magicka. Use the Greater Storm Atronoch to keep the attention off yourself.

*Note: I didn’t create this build, I think I found it on the Tamriel Foundry website.


Bar 2: (Destruction Staff)
Bound Aegis
Shattering Prison
Critical Surge
Inner Light
Energy Overload

I’m still playing around with this build with mixed results. Keeping Bound Aegis and Inner Light on all the time takes quite a bit of my max magicka away. I open with Critical Surge then Shattering Prison. Once the group is immobile I use Pulsar to lower their max health and a chance to inflict burning. I follow up with heavy attacks from my Destruction Staff on a single target and then repeat. As my magicka gets low I throw on Energy Overload, which does decent damage and returns some magicka.

*I noticed after one of the more recent updates that when I have Energy Overload equipped and then I use Pulsar, it untoggles Energy Overload. It didn’t used to do this and has changed the effectiveness of this build somewhat.

As I said, I’m still playing around with this build. If anyone has any suggestions to modify it, or has a completely different AOE build, I would appreciate the feedback.

Here is a link to the builds in ESOhead


Feel free to post any threads you’d like and organize however you want. If you have a good system, we would love for you to make it a reality here!