Posts showing as unread, and can't "read" them


I don’t know if this is a bug, or an unknown feature, or even a known feature and i’m just a dummy…but this new thread: Official Twitch Team Signup shows up as unread and that it has 5 replies that i haven’t read yet, but when i go to it, i don’t see the replies. I’ve had this happen 1 other time, but i don’t remember what thread it is. my guess is that this is a permissions things, maybe i don’t have the user level to view them.

it’s not a gamebreaker for me, but i was just curious. i’m a completionist and having those unread numbers next to topics really taps into my OCD i guess.

edit: added screenshot. you can see that vocino and auth had replies to the topic, but they don’t appear below original post. you can also see “1 unread” at the bottom of the page.


It’s a known bug, we’re disabling the feature that is causing it until we can fix this issue.


thanks, now i don’t feel like i’m nuts.


Sake thing happened to me, but it’s good now.