Potato Introduction


Well hello there!

Saw your post on thedivisionclans subreddit and I am very interested!

First and foremost greetings from Montreal, Canada :smile:
I’m a 27 yr old dude. Professionally I work as a CPA, by night I dj (if anyone is into house and techno we are about to become best friends) and throw parties. Finally, in my spare time I enjoy losing my eye sight in front of a computer screen.

While I’m super excited to play the division, I also dabble in a bunch of other games when time permits (weekend gamer).

I’d love to find some peeps to play The Division beta with. Feel free to send me a msg or add me on steam: asspotato37.



Welcome to the cave!

Enjoy your stay and have fun!


Hey hey and welcome. Glad to see more faces coming this way for The Divison. Be sure to drop your gamer info into this thread: [The Division] Strats clan

Hopefully we’ll see you in the beta this week too!








Welcome to Strats @potato!!! so hyped to play this game and look forward to playing with you :smile:


Welcome to Strats :beard:


Welcome aboard!


I choose to believe asspotato1-36 were taken; it brings tears of joy to my eyes. We’re going to be alright; we’re going to be alright :cry::wink:

In other news, welcome to the party! Let us know if you have any questions or run into any problems :wink:


As long as the potato is where it’s supposed to be we gon be alllright.

Hahaha you just killed me!

Thanks for the heads-up


Welcome to Strats! It’s always great when new people roll through. Happy to have you here, @potato. :smile:


Welcome to Strats! What other games do you play?


Bonjour et bienvenue! I might be biased, but I’m all for more Canadians!




Salut !!
Ca fait un beau changement un peu de francais :smiley:


Thanks !

From BF4, GTAV, Rocket League,ESO, CS, Elite, Star Citizen and more !

I’ve dabbled in a few here and there. Let me know maybe we start playing something else as well !


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