Preload Battleborn Open Beta Now Open


Pre-load the ‪Battleborn‬ Open Beta NOW for PS4, PC, and Xbox One! No sign-up needed.

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Yay!!! I didn’t realize the PC beta starts Wednesday instead of Thursday. Gonna be a busy week!


…dark souls on the 11th… boob


this made me think of the “80085” thing we all used to do in school on the calculators…

Why not both? :smiley:


Lets be real, DS will kill you in the first 30 secs :joy::joy::joy::joy:, so start your day right with a nice healthy happy dose of some battleborn instead :laughing:


Prepare for battle!


Thanks man, almost forgot about this game releasing!


So who is playing on PS4?


I played some last night. The game was an absolute blast to play


I’m on PS4. I played half of the first story level using Oscar Mike. Did not really enjoy it. It’s cartoony like Borderlands, taken up to 11. Will have to give it quite a few more tries for a beta final verdict.


I downloaded the game but decided to hold off since I played on PS4 last fall. I’m waiting for that PC experience so I can bust out my MASTERRACE final form. Thanks for the like on my thread! :dickbutt:


I’m kinda in the same boat where I want to just wait to play a bunch more of the beta until the PC version unlocks this coming week. I did notice that the framerate cap on consoles sort of limits the experience… It feels like you’re moving too slow sometimes.


I plan on playing this a good bit. Add me on PSN: Dynamible.


Sorry I couldn’t join up with ya, have to work early in the morning :sunny:


PC folks, today is the day…


So what are peoples thought’s on Battleborn?
I haven’t done much in it yet, but first impression was too over-the-top in both cheese and the saturated colors. I enjoyed Borderlands yet this seems just garish to me–might be my age just catching up though.


I’m enjoying the beta quite a bit but I will say that I can get frustrated quickly :smiley: I die a lot and I don’t feel like I am making any impact in a match at all… Yes, the colors are vibrant and bright and the humor is cheesy and over the top at times, but I expected that.

Some people have actually said that GBox needs to turn down the color palette a bit as they find the games colors a large distraction.

Fun factor though, I’d have to say that after I “git gud” and know more of what I’m doing in-game, I could see myself having fun with this one.


i played an hour or 2 the other night. i think i did 1 story mission and a 2 or 3 multiplayer games. i really enjoyed it. my only problem is that the teams i ended up on were full of people not familiar with the MOBA genre, so it was hard to learn a game i’ve never played before while trying to teach my whole team the basics of “pushing” and “creeps” etc. but i could see getting with a group of people who have at least played a few games of Smite or even League would be really a blast.