Preorder trick!



Just preordered destiny from gamestop. They told me that if preorder the new call of duty that they give you a code for extra shaders in game for gear. All you got to do is preorder then once you get the code cancel the preorder:D


All that effort for a shader that I personally think is ugly seems like too much work. But way to game the system. You show Activison who’s boss, fight the man!


takes about 2 minutes:D plus the guys at that gamestop are awesome always trying to help out. So unless you go to one with assholes you should be fine if you tell em to do that.


I personally think that shader looks really good, but I can’t bring myself to put any money toward CoD even if it’s temporary.

Of course. . . it is rather diabolical to make them think they have my money and then RIP IT RIGHT OUT OF THEIR GRUBBY HANDS!

Now I’m unsure of how to proceed. . . . . .


I think you have it. Get their hopes up, then tear it out… seems legit…


its 5 bucks to preorder. code comes out on the receipt you get in the store once you pay for destiny. BOOM cancel my preorder :smiley:


but I already payed for destiny.


Oh and heads up if you’re against giving any sort of money or support towards the CoD franchise every preorder, canceled or not, counts as a copy sold to them. Just saying. Do what you like. :slight_smile: