Preordered Destiny PS4



Oh snap:


Does that mean you dont have a ps4 for beta?


I do, this is PS4 #2. This way my wife and I can play together. She’s a big console gamer so it’ll be great to play co-op games together. The era of couch co-op is basically dead now. You have to have 2 consoles.


It saddens me but it’s true. I miss couch co-op. I still have hope for certain games like the tales series wil keep to the couch co-op tradition.


I also preordered the white ps4, sadly its my first ps4 so I will be on ps3 for beta. I also miss the olden days of couch co-op for us people with RL gaming friends!


Yeah there are very few couch coop games these days. The LEGO games are kind of fun but those are actually the only ones that come to mind in recent years.

EDIT: Oh, and Borderlands. Probably the best split screen experience as of late.


XBLA/PS Store indie games are about your only other options, though there are some winners there


Auth, you’re going to play Destiny right?


sUpEr SmAsH bRoS wii U wILL bE OnE sCrEeN mULtiPlaYEr!!!

(I can’t do all caps? Facist!)


@senNish Brawl on 3DS now, slightly-invalidated arguement :wink:

@Vocino Yar, Destiny on PS4, been preordered since last year