Presenting Wayne_Holsclaw


hey everyone! my name is wayne. I’m fairly new to minecraft. I was referred via facebook. I’ve previously played WoW, STO & every Sims franchise under the sun. I’m a casual, laid back player just looking to have fun and learn :smile:

Welcome to Wildstar! (Orientation Thread)

Welcome! Are you in to console gaming at all?


Hi Wayne welcome to Strats!


Not so much. I’ve always stuck with pc


thank you :smile:


Welcome to Strats Wayne!!


Welcome to the Dark side brother.


Hello and welcome




Welcome! c:


Welcome to Strats, @Wayne_Holsclaw!

It’s always great to see new faces here. :smile:


Thanks! I am new to a forum setting and to Minecraft. So, it’s nice to see so many friendly people.


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