PreshusKitty's Super Secret Project: Poll


(as requested by @Zniri)
What should @Auth wear on his head for the weekly on Monday?

  • Cat Ears
  • Pony Ears
  • Fox Ears
  • Puppy Ears
  • Bear Ears
  • Top Hat
  • Bowler Hat
  • Curved Horns
  • Spiral Horns
  • Crooked Horns

0 voters


I definitely had a blonde moment for a split second. I was thinking in my head, “Why not create duck ears?!” :rip: FailFish :rip:


This… this is why I love you <3


Pony ears FTW


He would enjoy the pony ears too much… no…


I need everyone here to just close their eyes and imagine Auth wearing floppy puppy ears.


If puppy ears doesn’t win i might be able to convince him to wear them and let me take a pic for you :wink: <3


well the meeting does go for 60mins, perhaps it doesnt need to be the same ears for all of it

FYI my vote was for curved horns


Yes please! Or maybe next weekly?


Oh man would it be possible to create a yellow duck with a bandanna around it’s head like Auth’s avatar? That’d be pretty sick awesome if so!


Ears of corn?

I’ll just show myself out.


Your puns have been on point of late :wink:


Poll closed!
It is midnight on Sunday and the winner is: PONY EARS!
Let me know if you would like to do a similar poll for upcoming weeks!