PreshusKitty's Super Secret Project: REVEALED!

So for about a year now I have been working on a super secret project! And the the time has come to share it with all of you! Starting (hopefully) Dec. 1 I will be opening an online Etsy store ( and here is what I have for you:

I will be making ears and tiny hats that you can attach to your headsets, headbands, or hats however you see fit. Velcro is sewn on to the bottom of the ear/hat and a corresponding piece will be sent with it for you to attach to whatever you see fit.

Let me show you a few of the patterns I have worked out and then we will get to the really fun part!
I have just some basic cat ears:

(please note the Strats Green on the far right)
As well as some other fun ears:
Bear ears

Pony ears (in all of our MLPFIM pony colors!)

Puppy ears (you can wear them floppy or not)

And last, but not least: Fox ears!

There are also three styles of horns:
A basic curved horn (that you can make more curved my curling it a bit) that has a long (shown here) or shorter version if you prefer

A spiral horn

And a Crooked horn

For those that prefer to game in style I also offer a miniature top hat or bowler hat
This is @Auth’s top hat here:

Bowler hat

Cat, dog, pony, and bear ears will be $15 and any color of your choosing.
Fox ears will be $18.
Horns are $10 dollars and any color of your choosing.
Hats are $10 dollars and any color of your choosing with a wide variety of ribbon choices for hat bands.

Now here comes the fun part! If you are a streamer with Strats, I have a deal for you!
If you are willing to wear your ears/hat/horns every time you stream, I will make you a set for FREE! And personalize them to you!

Let us pretend @Laoria and @GuardianOfLaoria have decided to take me up on this awesome offer. I would make them personalized items (they chose hats):

I would then list them on my site as:
@Laoria’s Hat! Can be seen at:
and the same for @GuardianOfLaoria as well.

A win-win situation all around, don’t you think?

If you have an idea for something that you don’t see here, please let me know! I would be more than happy to try to bring to life all of your amazing ideas!


I totally want one. These are really good kitty.

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No way. Super cool. I could see this being huge for streamers with cameras.



#I must have one
Those pronged horns are amazing! Like little antlers!


If you would like to order something, let me know so I can start working on it and have it ready for you :slight_smile:


These are pretty cool. I love seeing things like this. Makes me happy inside.


Well done!



THIS MUST HAPPEN, imagine how good it will be for business


Auth has a hat - I posted the picture :slight_smile:

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;w; I would love some dragon horns. I would probably wear them the majority of the time on stream xD


Did you want a style I already made or did you have something else in mind? If you want something you don’t see here send me a picture and I will see what I can do for you <3


This is awesome! This is exactly what the creative category is for.



PS This is the first time I’ve seen Guardian’s hat. It looks AMAZING!!!


@Auth needs a rainbow unicorn horn


OMG this is so awesome, :sistas: @PreshusKitty! Your work is so awesome! :smile: (And velcro is a great idea.)

Can I have a purple pair of cat ears for my stream? Pretty please? I’ve ALWAYS wanted them but I have a lot of hair & my headset would get in the way with the headband style cat ears.

I promise to do promo! I’m on social media just about everywhere so I’ll shoutout your store on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, the whole nine. PS: Do you have a Twitter, love?


@PreshusKitty The spiral horn looked really good. I was also thinking about horns that might be going backwards.

Something like that. That way I can actually lay down with them on me xP


I do not have a twitter but I should! I may set one up for store stuff xD
I have a beautiful purple yarn - what color would you like the inside of the ears?

If you will be wearing them to promote me I will make them free and you get something special added! I have tons of ribbons and bows and flowers that can be fixed to pins and such so if you have any idea for decoration let me know. I can also “paint” something on foam (like I did for @Laoria) so let me know what you would like for me to do to make it @simplyundrea’s set of ears :3

The problem is the weight. They are not super heavy but as you move around and they bounce a little, having some that went mostly backwards but affixed to something via velcro atop your head would make them come loose. That is why I am having to rework my bunny ear pattern and could not post it with the reveal xD

I decided to not do unicorn horns because they would be coming off the top of the head and not the forehead! but if you really need a unicorn horn, @Biff_Tannen I would make one for you!

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Ooooh gotcha. Well if weight is an issue then just the spiral horns is good enough for me =)

I am curious though, would making the backward horns work if you made it a full headband? Like having it go across my entire head and then the horns would be held up by the front of the headband? Just wondering if that would work at all o-o?

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