Prima Games Is Shutting Down


This is not surprising.

For one, Prima guides used to actually have interesting strategies, tricks, etc. Now they are barely instruction manuals.

Second, there is very very little evergreen content you can put in a hard guide. With the nature of launchers, patches, and updates these days all games are always changing. In that environment it’s hard to complete with a google search.


I had a buddy that used to use their products as a step-by-step guide to play any game he bought; I don’t think he ever actually just played a game without going through the Prima. I have no other memories of Prima (never bought any of their products) so I thought I’d share what I had.



The only Prima guide i remember buying was for Guild Wars 2. While overall the content wasn’t useful on launch, the artwork was worth the price. Today it is more of a trip down memory lane of “hey, remember when GW2 launched and had terrible everything?” or “I remember when the skill tree looked like this and how OP these skills were”.

If Prima was able to restructure around the premise of having a guide for each stage of development to embrace how the industry patches and updates, they might actually form a new following. Guide for launch and then guides for each major release (seasons/year 2 updates/etc)


I think their big problem is the sheer quantity of free information available; it’s a tough sell to get people to buy your product when someone puts the same (sometimes better) information on reddit and the like for love of sharing the knowledge.


Their tutorials really used to be good back in the day. Now it’s kinda… eh.