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Hi my name is Dylan (known as PrismaticHub on twitch), I stream lots of games (on PC), including:, GTA V, Rocket League, H1Z1, and other random games here and there. I try to play games where I can interact with viewers.

I’m always trying to find ways to improve my stream :slight_smile: I usually stream atleast 4-5 days a week, sometimes even 7 days.Come drop by sometime if you’d like!


Welcome to the :strats_green: Strats family @PrismaticHub!

Followed you on Twitch btw. :smile:


Thanks man :smiley:


Welcome. I just checked out your Twitch profile. Looks like your channel is growing quickly if you gained 1,000 followers in 2-months time.



@teh_ninjaneer, I thought the same thing. Turns out they’re fake followers :frowning:

@PrismaticHub buying followers like that actually does more harm than good. Your channel shows 1,000 followers but only 2,000 views. This math just doesn’t add up and makes it obvious they’re fake. Fake followers will never watch your stream, never engage with your content, and thus won’t help you grow. It makes your channel look bad.

Unfortunately, I don’t know of any way to reset except creating a new channel but if you’re taking Twitch streaming seriously I would recommend that.


@Vocino I wanted to imply without actually calling him out. :laughing: Maybe several hundred people are too lazy to put up an avatar. Or maybe his team (seems there are two guys on the Twitch account) is really good at streaming!


Ah, I see. Well, don’t mean to be calling out. I think a lot of people legitimately get sucked into the “buy followers” ads without realizing they’re buying fake accounts with no one at the wheel or without knowing that it looks odd with such a low view ratio.

Live and learn.


Lol those aren’t fake followers dude, please don’t spread false things about my channel unless you can prove it. I legitimately earned those followers by working hard streaming almost every single day for the past 2+ months and don’t appreciate that. Thanks.

Edit: sorry replied to the wrong person, but yeah those aren’t fake followers, I worked hard to get those legit.


I didn’t expect the founder of a network would be the one throwing around accusations like that just because someone is doing so well with their channel. That’s pretty low. I’m gunna go take myself to a different network, not interested in joining this one anymore lol, your loss, see you later man.


In defense of @Vocino, a few of these followers do look fishy. Just on the top row you have Ryan1890 (he is only following you) and Ryan9081 (following 11 people). On the second row is Donald_trump_for_life and once again he is only following you.

I found a couple more 1-following accounts in the few minutes I spent poking around.

But I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt! Hard work is good. :smile:


Some people have made fake accounts to follow me, yes, but not once have I BOUGHT a single follower or ask them to do that. I just don’t like it when people accuse me of things that are false. I worked way too hard for that bs.


Real or fake I followed you anyway. We wish you success in your endeavors and I am sorry you did not have a welcoming Strats experience. Good luck and well see you in the verse.


Thanks Biff :slight_smile:


welcome @PrismaticHub!
just curious, how did you hear about us?


Well I’ve been looking for a network to join, just ended up finding this one from searching around a bit.

Just a shame I have to be accused of having fake followers, seems like this would have been a nice network to be a part of.


Hey mate, welcome to the party!

It should be noted that where you’re choosing to take offence, @Vocino is just trying to make sure an apparently-new streamer (what with your account only being 2 months old) understands the implications of what it looked like (at a glance) is happening on your channel. His delivery may have come off as curt or accusative, but he’s not out trying to unnecessarily stir the proverbial pot. Rather, he’s just trying to make sure you’re appraised of the consequences of a high follower count vs a low view/concurrent-viewer count if you’re wanting to take streaming seriously. Regardless of whether it’s being done by loyal followers or through other means, the end result is still going to hurt your marketability with sponsors; protecting the Strats brand and educated those that fall under the banner is a completely reasonable action, in my opinion, and while his initial comment may not have had the best wording, his intentions were anything but malicious.

Now, he’s apologized for jumping to what I would consider a plausible conclusion before you spoke up and explained the situation, so you’re welcome to accept that admission of human error or take your ball and head home; that’s your choice to make. If you decide to stick around, let us know if you have any questions or run into any issues :wink:



Sorry friend, didn’t mean to offend you.

The whole follower sales pitch is designed to fool people into thinking there’s value there. Hell, if it worked I would do it too.

I think a lot of the pitches make it seem like they’re putting your channel in front of potentially interested people and some percentage of them will likely follow. This would be great.

Unfortunately, they just spool up hundreds of accounts with email aliases and IP blocks and follow your account. These aren’t real people. In some cases the account is used to follow a few streamers that paid and in some cases it’s just the one. Depends on how popular that particular company is and how good they are at avoiding bans.

At any rate, I apologize for offending you. Best of luck with your channel and I hope it sees the growth you’re looking for.




Please fill me in on the 1,000 followers in 2 months trick! I have been doing really poor the past few months :frowning:.


Lol it’s fine man no hard feelings, I was just excited to join a network and be part of a community, so I got a tad upset that this happens for the first network I try to join.

When I say people have given me fake follows, I mean people have made fake accounts to get me to read out their name (because I read out all my follows) so at most I might have 20 fake follows but that’s it.

I wouldn’t have a 13 donations, 4 subs, and 2 sponsors with 1k fake follows unless I somehow faked those too :stuck_out_tongue:

I just happened to get lucky and draw a lot of people into my channel, and I get a consecutive 40-50 viewers on average on my streams now because of it, it’s all about knowing how to play your cards and get yourself out there.