Pro tip for class specialization at level 10

So I was just gonna put this info in a comment but I want to make sure everyone sees this. So if you didn’t already know each class, mage, rogue, and warrior, has 3 specializations. You can unlock these specializations once you get to Skyhold and are level 10. Go to your war table and on the Ferelden side find the quest that’s called Specialists for the Inquisitor (or something similar to that).

This unlocks three people that will then appear in Skyhold and each one offers a quest for a different specialization. I suggest you do a little research before choosing as you cannot choose again. Each specialization has a quest line and each quest line you have to get a book and other items for. Most of the books are sold in Val Royeoux (I know I spelled it wrong but too lazy to look up the real spelling) however some you can find next to or by talking to your companions that are that class. Hope this helps.


We should just write a pro tip series, lol. I’m glad more people are asking questions about the game though!

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Can you edit the title to include something about what the tip is?

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… and here I am as a level 8 rogue taking my time deciding between which skills to pick up in archery/sabotage/subterfuge. Guess these are supposed to be the easy decisions? lol

Haha personally I put most of my stats in one instead of spreading it around too much

I think I’m right on the verge of hitting level 10, or just hit it. Can’t wait to pick my specialization.