Problem with streaming

For some reason when I stream in game, people watching can’t hear the the fireteam chat. any suggestions why or how to fix it?

It’s only going to send the main audio channel (HDMI or optical audio) to the stream if you use the built-in streaming on PS4. The only fix is either very sneaky hardware tricks (which I won’t go into as I’m on mobile right now) or to use a usb mic (not headset) and send all the audio through your TV. The mic on the PS camera works for this purpose as well, but you have to have all audio to the TV for it to work nonetheless.


I do not know of a way to get fire team or party chat to stream using the organic streaming function in the PS4.

You would have to use a capture device and run it through OBS or something. I have an Elgato and I think @Auth uses a capture card.

eew. no streaming tonight then lol. thanks for the answer.