Problems with Destiny



I’ve been trying to play Destiny on my 360 (I know), every time I try to play it starts downloading an update and I have left it updating for 8 hours and it doesn’t seem to move. Anybody have and issues with Destiny like this?


My update took 11 hours on my ps4 with a hardwired 50 mb/ps connection :expressionless:


I found your problem.


Knew that was coming


How much free space is on your 360? I believe I read that the xpac takes up a stupid amount of HDD on 360/PS3.


This for sure.


I’ve got a lot of space. I was never big on downloading or installing games


You might have the “cater” error that I once had on my ps4. Simply connecting it with a wired connection and installing the update will fix it and allow you to reuse a wireless connection.