Problems With My Eye (NSFL)


Not For Weak Stomachs

So I’m not sure how much I will be on this weekend. I have a problem with my eye called a [corneal abrasion][1] or a scratched eyeball. The problem is that it didn’t health correctly, so now I have a [recurrent corneal abrasion][2]. This means that my eye didn’t heal right and broke back open. This is kind of what my eye looks like with a dye in it.

Now mines not that bad, but I have to have it re cut. This is going to be happening Friday. I’m not sure if I will be online after this happens, but I’ll probably just tough it out.

Here’s What They Get to Do To My Eye





NO. That is the wrong gif. He’s too happy.


I’m not going to be that happy…


You’re talking to someone who periodically watches botfly and cyst-bursting videos; this is tame and amusing by comparison :wink:

Fair warning: the above blue words are par for the course in my mind; if you had a rough go with the eyeball buffer, viewer beware.

You were warned (seriously, they’re awesome though ;))


Those look satisfying. With mine there is not end, just more damage to my broken ass eye :frowning:


fyi corneal abrasion is an oh shit moment for medics :smiley: cant do anything but cover the eyes and drive faster.


Yeah mine happened a year ago. I was playing with baby Khalessi and she got my eye. It just broke open again last week.


I’m a major baby when in comes to freakin’ eye drops, you are a BRAVE man @Dynamible. Best of luck to you on Friday and I hope you have a quick recovery. Maybe you can “Strats” one eye’d this weekend :wink:


So… I just got back form the doctors. They didn’t do anything, so theres that. She said that is healing nicely and she is glad she didn’t do anything last week. So I got a free day off work.


Did you tell them your professional video gamer career hangs in the balance of their expertise?


I did actually. They said that I should put special ointment in my eye every night to give me magical powers. It’s classified.


So no eye patch?..this changes everything.



Are you a wizard?

Seriously though, that’s great to hear it’s healing fine


Botflies and cyst-bursting?!? You frequent /r/popping on Reddit, don’t you… :stuck_out_tongue:


Nah, cysts were just an offshoot when I ran out of botfly videos on YouTube. Besides, r/popping is pretty pathetic most of the time anyway :wink: